Neware BTS-9000

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Neware BTS-9000

Neware strarted to design its six-generation testing system BTS 9000 in 2011, and introduced into the market in 2014. It is Neware’s state-of-the-art product series, making Neware more competitive in the international battery testing market.

You may find most information from our BTS 9000 product page, while below comparison will tell more stories. The counterpart of this comparison, Vendor M’s tester, is applied under most battery testing scenarios, like material research, tests have a ultimate low current requirement, fast pulse tests and etc.

Item Neware BTS 9000 Tester from Vendor M Result
Accuracy 0.02% FS with 4 Current Ranges 0.02% FS with 4 current ranges Equal
Slew Rate <100us untold
Data Acquisition Frequency 1000Hz for every channel 800Hz while only 1 channel running Neware is better
Off-Line Supported Unsupported Neware is better
Minimum Pulse Width 400us 100us with the 1st pulse >=2ms Depends
Price Competitive untold Unbelievable price offered now

Since vendor M’s tester requires the hosting computer to perform the most computing works, it will hog more computer resources when too many channels connected or quick data acquisition required. While Neware’s embedded system could do the computing and with its file system on board, data is well protected

We use an Angilent oscilloscope to capture the rapid pulse test output. Considering BTS 9000 is not capable of outputting a pulse with a width lower than 400us and Vendor M requires the first pulse width larger than 2ms. Below pulse regimes are applied.

Regime Neware BTS 9000 Tester from Vendor M
#1 0.2A 400us, 2A 400us,Discharge 2A 2ms, 0.2A 100us, Discharge
#2 0.2A 600us, 2A 4ms,Discharge 0.2A 600us 2A 4ms,Discharge

Pulse Width

neware-pulse_width-battery cycler

Pulse Width Note:Tester from Vendor M outputs about 150us against 100us setting. The right comes from Vendor M. Regime #1

we observed also some pulse distortion in the pulse sequence from the output of Vendor M’s tester

neware-distortion-battery cycler

Output Noise

neware-noise_1-battery cycler neware-noise_2-battery cycler

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