Since 1998, Neware has been committed to providing world-class testing solutions for the batteries and capacitors. We adopt SAP as our ERP system and comply with ISO9000 quality management standard. Our factory spans over 4,400 square meters in industrial park, Shenzhen office spans over 2,000 square meters, housing all R&D, Engineering, Sales and CRM personnel. To explore international market, we launched Hong Kong and France offices in 2011.


Continuous researching and innovation in battery testers

1998: Neware founded, 1st generation testing system;

2001: BFGS(Battery Formation & Grading System)

2003: BTS2000 Series

2006: BTS3000 Series(Internationally popular product)

2008: BTS4000 Series(Up to 100Hz Sampling Rate, Applied for DCIR, HPPC test)

2009: EVT6000 Series(Applied for EV battery testing, Up to 800V1000A, Electric feedback)

2010: BTS8000 Series(Applied for EV Battery simulation testing, Multi-Range supported, Faster hardware response)

2011: EVT7000 Series(Applied for EV battery testing, Up to 800V1000A, 90%+ Electric feedback)

2012: BTS9000 Series(Up to 1000Hz Sampling Rate, Accuracy 0.02% Full Scale, GSM pulse testing supported)


Not only above products presented as milestones in the past 15 years of development, but also:

Automated calibration system for a large amount of testing equipment.

Automated capacity testing machine, our BTS 3000 integrated.

Automated DCR testing machine, our BTS 4000 integrated.

Energy saving models for mass formation and testing.

Specially customized software provided to make big data management or even sharpen business model.
Except our products, also:

We are ISO9001:2008 certified.

We adopt SAP as our ERP system.

We operate as AMOEBA.

We are a member of China Industrial Association of Power Sources. We support hundreds of academic institutes testing system by free.

We are a member of China Software Industry Association. And our software achieves level 3 of CMMI maturity rating.

We are a Top 500 Growing Enterprise certified by SHENZHEN government.

We are also an Enterprise with Harmonious Labor Relation.

product-series-battery cycler

neware-intertel-battery cycler  neware-cer-2-battery cycler neware-cer-3-battery cycler

neware-cer-4-battery cycler neware-cer-5-battery cyclerneware-cer-1-battery cycler

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