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Coin Battery Tester-5V5mA-Neware Battery Cycler

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Coin Battery Tester-5V5mA-Neware Battery Cycler

This equipment is 8-channel battery analyzer for charge and discharge test.

The type of batteries can be tested includes, Ni-MH battery,Ni-Cd battery,Lithium-ion battery and polymer batter,etc.

Popular models, which are similar to this model: 5V1mA, 5V2mA, 5V5mA, 5V20mA, 5V50mA, 5V100mA, etc

This 8 Channels Coin Cell Analyzer 5V10mA provides most applications in battery testing fields such as electrode materials research, battery performance test, small-scale battery formation, capability grading, battery pack testing and etc.


BTS-5V10mA Battery Testing System
Model: BTS-5V5mA Material Code:CT-4008-5V5mA
Description Product Specification
AC Input AC 220V±10% 50Hz
 Power 25 W
Resolution AD: 16bit; DA: 12bit
Input Impedance ≥1MΩ
Voltage Measuring Range Charge:25mV~5V Discharge: 25mV~5V
Discharge  Min Voltage 0V
Accuracy ± 0.05% of  FS
Stability ± 0.05% of  FS
Current Range Charge: 0.025mA~5mA      Discharge: 0.025mA~5mA
Accuracy ± 0.05% of  FS
Stability ± 0.05% of  FS
Power Output Power Per Channel 0.025W
Stability ± 0.1% of  FS
Time Rise Time 1ms (0~Full Range)
Step Time ≤ (365*24)  hour/step Time Format 00:00:00 (h:min:s)
Data Acquisition Intervals Time interval Δt:(0.1s~60000s)
Voltage interval ΔU: (10mV~5V)
Current interval ΔI: (0.02mA~10mA)
Frequency 1Hz
Charge Mode of Operation CCC, CVC, CC & CVC
End Conditions Voltage, Current, Test Time, Capacity
Discharge Mode of Operation CCD, CPD
End Conditions Voltage, Current, Test Time, Capacity
Cycle Cycles 65535
Steps 254
Nested Function Max three levels of loops

****Different Specifications could be customized ,Ranging from 1mA-3000A, 5-800V;)****


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