30V10A 8 Channels Battery Charger and Battery Testing System Analyzer ( 4000 series )

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30V10A 8 Channels Battery Charger and Battery Testing System Analyzer ( 4000 series )

Eight-channel button battery charge and discharge tesing system


Battery Tester Features:

1)According to the international standard design, each channel of the system has an independent constant-current source and a hardware     constant-voltage source which make system stable & reliable

2)Modular design leads to easy maintain

3)Different holder selectable, satisfy your different needs

4)Efficient heat dissipation system, ensure proper working of equipments under 24hrs full load condition

5)Double loop-control adopted,no peak occured from CC to CV, protect the battery



1, Windows-based software interface for easy operation;

2, Uses standard SQL data-base management;

3, Real-time monitoring windows and integrated graph/data windows

can set various working modes for measuring capacity and cycle life of all types of rechargeable batteries, such as:

constant current discharge, constant current charge, constant voltage charge, rest, as well as voltage, current, time,

capability, negative voltage slope, and other limit conditions;

4,The user can define the curve by different types such as voltage-time curve, current-time curve, capacity-voltage curve,

loop times-charge/discharge capacity curve, loop times-charge/ discharge efficiency curve, etc. to make curves

be compared both by visually and statistically;

5, Provide timely instructions, warnings, and intelligent support;

6, Compliance CE Certified.


Warranty One Year limited warranty with lifetime support for the battery analyzer.

 Batteries Testing Rack Cycler-CT-4000-30V10A Specification:

BTS-30V10A Battery Testing System
Model: BTS- 30V10A Material Code: CT-4008 -30V10A
Description Product Specification
AC Input AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Power 3241 W
Resolution AD: 16bit; DA: 16bit
Input Impedance ≥1MΩ
Voltage Measuring Range Charge: 0.15V~30V      Discharge: 0.15V~30V
  Discharge  Min Voltage 3V
  Accuracy ± 0.1% of  FS
  Stability ± 0.1% of  FS
Current Range 0.05A~10A
  Accuracy ± 0.1% of  FS
  Stability ± 0.1% of  FS
Power Output Power Per Channel 300W
  Stability ± 0.2% of  FS
Time Rise Time 1ms  (0~Full Range)
  Step Time ≤ (365*24)  hour/step Time Format 00:00:00:000 (h:min:s:ms)
Data Acquisition Intervals Time interval  Δt:(100ms~60000s)
    Voltage interval ΔU: (60mV~30V)
    Current interval ΔI: (20mA~10A)
  Frequency 10Hz
Charge Mode of Operation CCC, CVC, CC & CVC, CPC
  End Conditions Voltage, Current, Test Time, Capacity
Discharge Mode of Operation CCD, CPD, CRD
  End Conditions Voltage, Current, Test Time, Capacity
Pulse mode Charge CR mode、CP mode
  Discharge CC mode、CP mode
  Min pulse width 500ms
  Automated Switch Automated switch from charge to discharge for each pulse
  End Condition Voltage、Relative Time
DCIR Support for the calculation of the point of the DCIR
Cycle Cycles 65535
  Steps 254
   Nested Function Max three levels of loops


1 8 Channel Battery Tester 1pcs
2 BTS-7.5.X NEWARE Analyzer Software 1pcs
3  mid-machine and cable line for connecting the computer 1pcs
4 alligator clips or polymer clips 8pcs


****Different Specifications could be customized ,Ranging from 1mA-3000A, 5-800V;)****

neware-bts4000-battery-testing-system accessories-product-sheet-battery cycler

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