About battery life cycle test

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About battery life cycle test

Cycle life test is a traditional way to measure the battery’s life time. BTS 3000 can perform such tests.

If you want to have some advanced features, such as jumping to other schedules based on the situation of the battery, or want to test batteries at programmed conditions with programmable devices like environment chamber or others. Other advanced series may help.

Cycle Life Test

System will cycle from step 2 to step 5 for 1000 times in this example:Cycle Life Steps

neware-cycle_life_steps-battery cycler

More flexible options:

neware-more_flexible_options_with_bts_4000-battery cycler

Since this test will take relatively long time to complete, date backup is highly recommended to avoid some unexpected errors or failures.

neware-data_backup-battery cycler

You can open the backup data or use View Data by right click on the running channel to view the updated data.
BTSDA provides plots and summarized data for your quick access.

neware-cycle_life_data-battery cycler

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