Report generator in BTSDA

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Report generator in BTSDA

After you open a NDA file with BTSDA, then you can export the file to the format you want such as excel, pdf, txt. And you can generate and customize the report.

Right click in the data area or use the Office Excel icon on tool bar, this will pop up the Data Export dialogue.

btsda-report-battery cycler

As you can see from the dialogue, Basically 2 file formats supported for your export: Excel and PDF and 5 custom exporting types.

Visible Report: This will export all the data you have seen (WYSWYG: what you see is what you get) in BTSDA.

Layer Report: This will present you 4 spreadsheets in your exported file.

a) Info: Includes equipment information and basic test information.

b) Cycle: Includes Cycle information. How many cycles performed in your test, how many lines will get generated in this sheet.

c) Statis: This will show you the test work steps information.

d) Detail: This will show you all the record.

Formation Report: This is a semi-function report. Can generate some formation information based on the first charge-discharge cycle.

General Report: This will export data like what BTSDA presents – Cycle, step and record layer in a single sheet.

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