Neware BTS 4000 for DCR Test

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Neware BTS 4000 for DCR Test

DCIR test is usually done in short time. So the equipment’s capability is critical to the testing result. The equipment needs to respond quickly. Additionally, the voltage value at the very end of each period is required for an accurate DCR measurement. The current output accuracy and voltage measurement accuracy are basic requirements.

BTS 4000 features below advantages to qualify a DCR test

Response Time. BTS 4000 responses set current in less than 10 ms (millisecond).

neware-response_time_of_bts_4000-battery cycler

Timing Control. BTS 4000 has a time accuracy of 1ms (millisecond).

neware-timing_control_of_bts_4000-battery cycler

Data Acquisition Frequency. BTS 4000 has a conventional 10Hz data acquisition frequency, and 100Hz optional.

A repeated pulse test is performed to calculate DCR value. Corresponding charging pulses are followed to maintain the batteries at the same SOC level. Below chart and plot shows BTS 4000 is both statistically and technically reliable.

neware-box_plot_of_dcr_value-battery cycler

Box Plot of DCR Value

neware-single_value_chart_of_dcr-battery cycler

Single Value Chart of DCR

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