how to set up different record interval for each step?

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how to set up different record interval for each step?

This is a question from one of our BTS4000 customers.

We found it very useful in our development to run a pulse charging regime. For example we loop 54 seconds of CCCV followed by 6 seconds of Rest. (The CCCV contains the exit condition)
The functionality of the BTS4000 allows to do it.
However- It collects too many records (two records each time the run moves from one step to the other…). This is too many for file size of many days cycle life. (and for excel)
My questions: Is there a way to-
1. disable the auto-record taking at each step transition. (most important ! )
2. to refer in a step exit condition to a channel (multi step) process value as accumulative charge, or discharge.
3. to refer in step exit condition to a channel virtual parameter as counter, formula.. and so.

In fact, for the above questions, we can use the ‘professional step editor’ in the BTS client software to solve them.

1) If you don’t want to record many resutls on some steps, I’d suggest you use the ‘professional settings’, refer to the following picture, you can see for the ‘rest’ step, 1 record/10s(you can set it to 1m according to your actual requirement), but for ‘cccv’ step, 1 record/1s.
professional-step-editor-01-battery cycler
That’s the strength of ‘professional settings’, different record interval/safety setting for each step.
And for questions 2 and 3, I believe you can figure them out by yourself, cause the software itself supports these functions, let me give you a screenshot for example.
professional-step-editor-03-battery cycler

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