How to export BTS data to txt or xls format for further use?

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Most customers know that BTSDA software is designed for the NDA file format, but can we write to another format such as .CSV or .txt?

The answer is definitely YES. Please refer to the following screenshots, it’s very easy and flexible.

bts-data-export-01-battery cycler

From the BTS step editor window, click the “backup setting” button, then pops up the following window of data backup/export.

bts-data-export-02-battery cycler

As you can see, now you can set up the backup interval according to your actual requirement, generally, we suggest “backup when all steps finished.”

bts-data-export-03-battery cycler

Also, in the BTSDA software, you can export data to 3 files as you want.

By doing this, the testing results will be saved as xls format automatically when the tests are finished or at the interval you set up.
And in BTSDA, there are even more opitions as shown in the following picture.

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