How to deal with DB Connection Failed when using BTS software

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How to deal with DB Connection Failed when using BTS software

Here is a case from one of our customers. Let’s see his question first.

I recently purchased 24 Neware BTS channels (16 5V1A, 8 5V6A) and am having a problem connecting the software to the equipment. I am using BTS and my Control Unit (with screen) has the label:

Middle Machine Number: 10
Middle Machine IP:
Server IP:
I have set the IP on my PC to and added and to my BTS.ini file so that they appear in the BTS software when launched. I still have the default IP1 of which also appears in the list. I am using a crossover cable between my PC and the control unit (and have also tried a regular ethernet cable). When I run netscan on my PC it only returns my PC name as the IP, I see no sign of the control unit. Therefore when I click on in the list in the BTS software, nothing happens. If I click on it tried to connect and gives the error “DB Connection Failed”. I’m hoping you can help me figure out what is not set up properly to get my system running as soon as possible.

Obviously, his operation is correct but still doesn’t work, why? If you met the same problem, if there’s “DB Connection Failed” warning, it means the database doesn’t work. Maybe there’s something basic was ignored, please try the following steps.

Step 1: turn off the windows firewall(if it’s running, you can turn it off from the ‘control panel’-‘administrative tools’-‘services’-‘windows firewall’, turn it off) and try connection again.
If connected successfully, please ignore the following steps. Of course, if you don’t want to turn off the firewall, then please add bts exceptions in the firewall setting. Please refer to the following picture.
add-bts-exception-firewall-battery cycler
Step 2: If it doesn’t work or the firewall isn’t running.
Please find the services of MySQL and Neware bts, make sure they are running.
neware-mysql-service-battery cycler
So make sure Neware and MYSQL services are running, set up the correct IP addresses, turn off the Windows firewall(local network) then you are ready to rock!

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