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Cyclinder Cell Battery Cycle Life Tester-Neware Cycler

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Cyclinder Cell Battery Cycle Life Tester-Neware Cycler

18650 battery tester cycle life test Software Features

1)Each channel available for indepent program testing,Step continuable after Pause in any

conditions(including blackout)

2)Host computer adaptable to all kinds of lower machine,with interactive interface,easy to


3)Fast data acquisition,sensitive to the changing of current & voltage,(AD ,16bit),dairy function


4)Powerful for data and chart processing ,support four types of report with various form formats

5)As an added bonus,professional tool software would be provided free of charge, including

accurancy correction software for current &     voltage .CTN No.& measuring range changable.

BTS-5V6A Battery Testing System
Model: BTS-5V6A Material Code: CT-4008-5V6A
Description Product Specification
AC Input AC 220V±10% 50Hz
 Power 425 W
Resolution AD: 16bit; DA: 16bit
Input Impedance ≥1MΩ
Voltage Measuring Range Charge: 25mV~5V Discharge:25mV~5V
Discharge  Min Voltage 1.2V
Accuracy ± 0.05% of  FS
Stability ± 0.05% of  FS
Current Range Range1: 0.5mA~0.1A  Range2: 0.1A~6A
Accuracy ± 0.05% of  FS
Stability ± 0.05% of  FS
Power Output Power Per Channel 30W
Stability ± 0.1% of  FS
Time Rise Time  1ms  (0~Full Range)
Step Time ≤ (365*24)  hour/step Time Format 00:00:00:000 (h:min:s:ms)
Data Acquisition 







Time interval  Δt:(100ms~60000s)
Voltage interval ΔU: (10mV~5V)
Current interval ΔI: (6mA~6A)
Frequency 10Hz
Charge  Modeof Operation CCC, CVC, CC & CVC, CPC
End Conditions Voltage, Current, Test Time, Capacity
Discharge  Modeof Operation CCD, CPD, CRD
End Conditions Voltage, Current, Test Time, Capacity
Pulse mode 





Charge CR mode、CP mode
Discharge CC mode、CP mode
Min pulse width 500ms
Automated Switch Automated switch from charge to discharge for each pulse
End Condition Voltage、Relative Time
DCIR Support for the calculation of the point of the DCIR


Cycles  65535
Steps 254
 Nested Function Max three levels of loops
Protective Function 




● Power-off data protection
● Off-line Operating
● User-defined safety(upper and lower)tolerance of current, voltage and delay time
Channel Features Independent pairs of closed loop for constant current source and constant voltage source
Test Reports and Curves for analysis
  • Different types of curves can be created by software base on user definition. (Voltage-time curve, current-time curve, capacity-voltage curve, loops times charge/discharge capacity curve, loops times charge/ discharge efficiency curve, etc)
  • Data reports are created by software. User can easily compare the performance of the batteries tested in channels both visually and statistically
Channels Independent control
Battery Holders neware-3clamp-battery cycler


1 8 Channel Battery Tester 1pcs
2 BTS-7.5.X NEWARE Analyzer Software 1pcs
3  mid-machine and cable line for connecting the computer 1pcs
4 alligator clips or polymer clips 8pcs

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