Connect BTS3000(COM port) to Computer

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Connect BTS3000(COM port) to Computer

Connect BTS3000(COM port) to Computer

1. The network cable connect with any of the COM port of the tester, please refer to the following picture.

bts3000-com-connection-01-battery cycler

Maybe you are wondering what’s the point of the 2nd RS-232 port, right? It’s used for serializing all your BTS3000 testers(with COM port edition). If you have more than one BTS3000 testers, then you can serialize them via network cable, and then you can manage them all directly from BTS client easily. Which means you don’t have to connect each tester seperately to your computer. Normally, you can serialize up to 10 (80 channels) testers together.

2. The led light of the RS232 box should be on when you plug the usb port of the RS232 box. Yes, please connect the tester to your computer via a RS232 box, instead of using a network cable directly.

bts3000-com-connection-02-battery cycler

3. Turn on the power button of the battery tester, the led light indicator of the power should be green.

bts3000-com-connection-03-battery cycler

4. Start up the software, normally, it will search the battery tester automatically.

bts3000-com-connection-04-battery cycler

bts3000-com-port-device-id-battery cycler

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