COM port errors and bugs of old version BTSDA

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COM port errors and bugs of old version BTSDA

For some BTS3000 COM port edition battery testers customers, they may meet COM port errors sometimes.

And for customers who are using TC5.3 software, when they check the testing data, there’s also possible for them to meet some minor problems in the BTSDA software.

Let take a closer look on the following pictures:

btsda-com-port-errors-battery cycler

From the picture we can tell:
On my tester in the development (PI 20120719RD) all working OK, but at the manufacturer we have same problems.
1. Many COM port errors;
2. Can’t open and see ALL the result data , It stop before the end, but can see the full data in the graph.

If you are using BTS3000 TC5.x software and got the same problems, we strongly suggest you upgrade your BTSDA software(and only BTSDA) to a new version.

Please download the new BTSDA from newarelab website.

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