BTSDA only shows sectional battery test data?

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BTSDA only shows sectional battery test data?

A question about BTSDA comes from one of our customers.

I am using BTS TestControl 5.3.0013 (2010.6.2) with an 8 channel battery tester, model BTS-3008-5V10mA.
When I run a cell, it collects the data and shows every cycle, but after the data collection completes, the first eight cycles are missing (the data file starts with cycle #9).
How can I prevent this from happening?

btsda-shows-battery-test-graph-01-battery cycler

From the above picture, looks like what he said was true, righ?

In fact, if you take a closer look at the BTSDA, specifically, the bottom yellow scroll bar, you saw that? Yes, that’s the secret!

btsda-shows-battery-test-graph-02-battery cycler

Just move the bottom scroll bar forward or backward you can see different data section.

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